All you need to know about TrustedTrip

We get asked this question a lot! We’re not just another generic review platform. We have created review solutions that are by the travel industry, for the travel industry. Plus, our reviews are 100% verified, meaning each review you receive is from a genuine booking from someone who has used your service. No fake reviews allowed!

Another fundamental difference between us and other review platforms is that unlike other review sites, we provide an independent, unbiased source of review data and we will never use your customer’s data to market to them.

Your reviews are yours to display how you wish on your site. Customers don’t need to click away to a price comparison site to read them where you could ultimately lose the booking to a competitor.

If you’d like to find out more, check out our ‘how we stack up’ tables on our Product Reviews and Service Reviews pages.

We only use the data given to us to contact the customer via an automated email containing a form to collect their review from them. Once we have that review, we will only ever contact them in relation to that review. Nothing else.

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant. If you choose to partner with us, we can provide the relevant wording and text that you’re required to show to your customers and include in your T&Cs.

All review data can be accessed via an API, widgets and also in the client portal, which you gain access to when we start collecting review data for your company. Each method is easy to implement and we will support your business every step of the way.

If you choose our Product Reviews solution, yes. The main ethos of TrustedTrip is building a large network of verified review data that continues to grow as we introduce new partners. This means that everyone in the community can access all review data that is generated across the network, even if you have never generated a sale or review for it. So in short, yes! Everyone has access to each other’s reviews.

Our dedicated team is on hand to help you migrate to our Service Reviews platform to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. If you’re focusing on our Product Reviews solution and stay with your existing Service Reviews provider, we are happy to work alongside other companies, as our platform will help you focus on the product review element, rather than the buying experience.

To ensure each review on our system is verified, we need to be able to tie it back to a booking made by a customer. We do this by regularly importing a file from your company containing certain information relating to each booking. You can send us booking information files in a variety of formats e.g. CSV or XML or import methods such as FTP or API.

Absolutely! When you’re ready to go, we’ll be on hand to support you through the process of ensuring the file you send is imported correctly into our system and help you with any tech queries, big or small.

We will contact your customers within a few days of them coming home and will be making clever calculations to ensure our email hits their inbox at the best time. For example, if your customer lands home on a Saturday, it's generally safe to assume that they will be back at work on Monday.

We don’t want our email buried in all the emails they received while they are away, so we will send it when we think that they are sitting back at their desk, while the holiday is still fresh in their mind.

Yes, the form we direct customers to is always branded with your information. This is to help establish trust with your consumer and therefore, increase the chance of them leaving a review. Plus, we want you to be included in every step of the review process and make this obvious to the customer.

Whilst we will do everything we can to convert as many customers into reviews, there will always be a percentage of people that won’t see our email or who just aren’t interested in leaving a review. However, we will send a follow up email within a few days and if we have still not heard from them, we will remove them from our database and will not contact them again.

Yes, each form is bespoke to the customer, as it is dynamically built on the elements they booked for their holiday. If a customer books a flight, transfer and hotel, then questions will relate specifically to the flight they took, the transfer they used, down to the hotel they stayed in.

We even ask questions specifically related to the facilities at the property or on the cruise ship. Each element of the holiday is also classed as a single review, one per each product booked by the customer.

Unfortunately, negative reviews are just part and parcel of running an online business. We do not have the option to hide a negative review, but highly recommend using this as an opportunity to respond and showcase your amazing customer service skills instead. Read our blog post about negative reviews for more top tips!