Top 5 genius ways to use travel reviews in your marketing strategy

Top 5 genius ways to use travel reviews in your marketing strategy

How can your travel company use reviews to stand out in a crowded market? We're glad you asked... Before we get started, did you know a whopping 88% of consumers now trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations? And that people also read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase? Basically, your potential customers are super curious to learn more from fellow traveller's experiences before they book a trip and part with their hard-earned cash. You might be thinking, "I already collect reviews" which is fine. However, collecting reviews and storing them all in one place (potentially never to be seen or updated again) is not enough. You've got to show people what they're missing by not choosing to book their next holiday with you! In this post, we discuss all the amazing ways you can promote reviews and work them into your existing marketing strategy.

1. Display reviews on your travel website

Your website is the first place you should absolutely display travel reviews. Your reviews need to be visible to the eye at every stage of the customer journey, as a subtle, non-intrusive way of reminding them how awesome your travel company is. Here are some key places to show your reviews:

On your homepage

Attract customers the second they hit your homepage with a widget displaying 5* reviews from a range of travel experiences.

Product & booking pages

This is a crucial point of sale and reviews can make or break a booking. Providing social proof from fellow travellers on all product pages will help reassure your customers they are going to get an amazing travel experience once they’ve committed to booking. Our Product Review solution can help you do just that! You can automatically pull through all the latest reviews for all types of travel offerings, including Hotels, flights, transfers, car hire, cruises and attractions.

Dedicated reviews page

Create a testimonials page focusing on reviews from all your travel offerings and include a search bar so potential customers can explore feedback from destinations and hotels of their choice.

Support & contact pages

This is often a forgotten page or priority but including service reviews for aspects of a trip such as customer service will always go in your favour, especially if a customer is looking for extra reassurance.

2. Share reviews on social media

Social media is a great way to attract new customers! Share your best reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to help promote your travel company. If you’d like to go one step further, you can design a company-branded graphic (using a free online tool such as Canva) to help your reviews stand out on people’s feeds. You could also collate reviews and create a GIF or video presentation featuring your top reviews. Even better, if your marketing budget permits, you can pay for ‘sponsored ads’ to advertise directly to your target audience.

Top tips for using social media to share reviews

  • Include a call to action e.g. book today, plus a website link if the trip the review mentions is still available
  • Tag any brands or customers to encourage more likes & shares
  • Use trending hashtags where appropriate to increase coverage of your social media post
Struggling to get the reach, likes or shares your reviews deserve? Ask employees to share on their channels too! Most of them will be more than happy to help if they’re active on these channels.

3. Showcase travel reviews on your blog

Reviews are so useful for providing endless round-up style content e.g. ‘Top 10 romantic destinations for couples’ as you can highlight reviews to support your content and build trust as an authoritative source. This is also great for SEO benefits! Genuine travel reviews, combined with original blog content can help you rank higher than your competitors, meaning when someone searches for romantic destinations, they’re more likely to find you and book with you first. Winning!

4. Highlight customer feedback in email campaigns

Do you send regular email newsletters or flash sale offers to your customers? Include reviews in all your email campaigns by dedicating a specific section to highlight positive reviews for the month, or by simply featuring them next to any relevant deals. It's also a good idea to utilise your email campaign lists and target specific audience segments (e.g. age group, location, etc.) with relevant reviews to encourage them to book their next trip with you. Top tip: If you’re an online travel agent, why not choose your favourite review each month and insert it into your email signature with a link to the destination?

5. Include reviews in print marketing collateral

Even in today's digital age, print collateral is still an integral part of marketing. It also provides another prime opportunity for you to select your top reviews from customers and use them as a focal point within any printed materials. Think about products such as:
  • Brochures, leaflets & sales sheets
  • Business cards
  • Press packs & goody bags
All suitable places to include customer reviews!

Bonus - share with your employees

Finally, sharing positive reviews with employees, especially when they mention excellent customer service, is a great way to boost morale! If you have regular team meetings, it could be a fun idea to add the latest reviews and read them out as an engaging way to help your staff feel appreciated and valued. Find out more about our FREE Service Review solution & get in touch today to see how we can help your travel business.
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