Introducing our independent tour operator client, Sophie's Great War Tours

Introducing our independent tour operator client, Sophie's Great War Tours

??heroimage?? We're absolutely thrilled to announce Sophie's Great War Tours as one of our latest clients to adopt our Service Reviews solution! Our user-friendly platform will help Sophie collect invaluable feedback from her customers, and enable her to offer customers an outstanding experience on every tour.

About Sophie's Great War Tours

Sophie's Great War Tours is an original, family-run, and completely bespoke tour operator, specialising in WW1 & WW2 battlefield tours across France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Their end-to-end service provides a truly unique experience for their tour guests, as they take care of everything including UK transfers, travel in Europe, and accommodation needs. Sophie started the business following her father's passion for history and studying a degree in History at the University of Birmingham, where her love for military history grew and grew. She says she often found herself answering questions to other people who looked lost and confused when visiting battlefield sites. Eventually, though, it was her desire to leave the London rat race that inspired her to create Sophie's Great War Tours.

How Service Reviews can help Sophie's Great War Tours

Reviews and feedback are super crucial elements of any travel business, especially for an independent tour operator. Sophie already had a page on her website bursting with glowing feedback, but we wanted to help her present that in a way that helped both Sophie's potential customers see how much others enjoyed their experience, but also assist Sophie in highlighting areas where her business could improve. In her own words, here is what Sophie had to say about why she chose our Service Reviews solution:
“As an independent tour operator, I have always been focused on delivering fantastic service to my customers. With the help of TrustedTrip, I can now capture quick and helpful feedback from my customers across four important measures: experience, trust, knowledge, and value. What I also really like about TrustedTrip is the visual widget which shows clearly how I am rated to potential customers.”

Benefits of Service Reviews

There are many benefits to using our Service Reviews platform to help your travel business. As you can see, it's suitable for all business types, from independent tour operators to multiple branch travel agents! Here are just some of the key features Sophie and other businesses are currently enjoying:
  • Uncapped automated & manual email review invitations
  • Access to an exclusive online dashboard including performance reports & insights
  • Signature TrustedTrip showcase display widget, featuring an overall percentage rating score
  • Email analytics - track the responsiveness of your campaign
We’re super excited to have Sophie's War Tours on board and can’t wait to see their reviews and business grow! If you would like to find out more about our Service Reviews solution or have any questions, please get in touch today.
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