5 key customer review statistics that highlight the importance of trust

5 key customer review statistics that highlight the importance of trust

Providing excellent customer service is tough. Service with a smile is no longer enough, as consumers are now more demanding than ever. That’s why reviews play a crucial part in your business. Both positive and negative reviews can help build trust and boost your travel company sales. How do we know? We’ve done our research and here are the stats to back it up!

95% of buyers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews

(Source: Spiegel Research Center) Let’s start with this whopping statistic! If you had any doubts about how reviews (or lack thereof) impacted your travel business, this will surely change your mind. Reviews should play a key part in your marketing and sales strategy. Especially this new Covid-19 era.

88% now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

(Source: BrightLocal) This one is huge for all travel companies, big and small! Remember back in the day when you relied on customers spreading positive word of mouth about their travel experiences? Now you have all the review data at your finger tips! By displaying genuine reviews on your website and across your social media, you can reach thousands of customers online.

Online product reviews can increase conversion rates by 270%

(Source: Spiegel Research Center) Here’s another beneficial statistic! We already know reviews can have a positive impact on your business, but how does this relate to individual products and experiences? Well... Showcasing just five reviews on your travel website pages can increase the probability of a customer purchasing a holiday by 270% more than the same product without any reviews, according to research. Wow!

Consumer reviews are trusted almost 12 times more than the manufacturers’ descriptions

(Source: Martech Zone) Let’s be honest. You could write the best description of a holiday ever! The fact is, customers want social proof that the holiday is as good as you’re making out. After all, your travel product descriptions are basically ads. Provide them with the evidence they need (other people’s travel experiences) and watch your sales skyrocket.

The average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews & reads at least 10 before making a decision

(Source: BrightLocal) If you’re wondering how much time consumers spend reading reviews and how many reviews they read, here you go! An extra fact, 48% of people ignore reviews that are more than two weeks old. This emphasises the need for a constant flow of new reviews coming in. Customers don’t care what someone thought of your resort five years ago. Conscious consumers now want up to date, relevant reviews that they can inspect thoroughly before committing to a purchase. Especially one as big as a travel experience. Plus, it really helps your SEO ranking on Google if you’re regularly updating unique, genuine review content.

97% of people read responses to reviews

(Source: BrightLocal) An extra stat for you before we end this post. If you’re curious, a massive 97% of people read business responses to reviews. This could definitely have a positive impact on your sales if you reply to a review: both positive and negative. Learn more about how to respond to negative reviews in our previous post. Product Reviews and Service Reviews platforms have both been designed specifically for the travel industry and can help you achieve your customer service review goals. Find out more & get in touch today
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