We're celebrating World Travel Industry Day!

We're celebrating World Travel Industry Day!

??heroimage?? Last week, we spotted a LinkedIn post from Danny Waine, Commercial Manager at HHD, Director at Institute of Travel & Tourism (ITT) and Vice-Chair of ITT E&T, promoting World Travel Industry Day. Danny named today, Thursday 26th March (which is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day) World Travel Industry Day to share support and stand in solidarity with colleagues and partners across the travel industry. So far, we've seen many posts across social media from people sharing photos of their favourite holiday memories, and as we're always keen to support these initiatives, here are some of the team's favourite holiday memories. In clockwise order...

Chris, CEO & Co-founder - Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Chris has selected a classic for his favourite holiday memory photo. Need we say more?

Collette, Social Media & Community Manager - Menorca

Collette has chosen Menorca as her favourite holiday memory. She says the whole trip was so relaxing and the island is beautiful. She definitely recommends it as a 'less touristy' part of the Balearic islands to go for a romantic couples holiday.

David, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder - Rome

David has shared a lovely photo of him and his wife, Lynn in Rome 2013, which was part of their amazing NCL Epic med cruise. He says it reminds him of simpler times. Looks amazing!

Stewart, Director - Tioman Island in Malaysia

Stewart says he's lucky enough to have travelled around the world with work over the last 25 years and stay in some fantastic places. He has chosen the 'fantastic Tioman Island in Malaysia' and shared this snap of him and his lovely family. Head to our meet the team page to find out more about us!
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