Five key ways we’re unique to other travel review sites (Infographic)

Five key ways we’re unique to other travel review sites (Infographic)

??heroimage?? Travel reviews are essential for your website, as consumers now demand access to instant feedback in order to help them make their ultimate purchasing decisions online. So, how do you choose a travel review site partner to help you offer that functionality to your customers and gain real insights for your company? Before you decide, here are some key reasons to consider TrustedTrip over other travel review sites available on the market.

100% verified reviews

Most existing review sites are currently plagued with fake reviews, offering zero value to both the travel agent and the consumer. Our solution offers access to 100% verified reviews from real travellers. Each review is tied to a genuine review and shared across our platform, offering you a huge amount of review data to display on your website, available in a personalised look and feel API or widget to complement your existing branding.

All types of travel

Our solution features a unified source of review data for all types of travel, not just hotel reviews! This includes product reviews for hotels, flights, transfers, car hire, cruises, and attractions.

An affordable alternative

Travel review site competitors offer a costly and limited service, which may not provide you with the functionality you need from a travel review partner. We understand that now more than ever, budgets are tight. Therefore, we provide a better service with multiple features to suit you and your travel company, at a fraction of the price.

Rich data & insights

Access an exclusive admin dashboard to unlock marketing and sales insights and help improve your business and products based on genuine customer feedback. We also offer the ability to market directly back to your previous customers through the TrustedTrip platform.

Impartial & trustworthy

A huge part of our ethos involves offering a dedicated solution to the travel industry, and we know how competitive it can be to attract and retain customers in this climate. That’s why, unlike other travel review sites, we are completely independent and impartial. We will never market to your customers or lead them to a comparison website to read reviews, where you could ultimately lose the booking. Don't forget to check out why travel reviews are so important for your business
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